Treating the Hip

We have a bedtime routine with Adeline. She eats her last feeding, gets a bath, we read her a book (this girl LOVES to read and cries when the book is over!), and then Adeline and I rock and say a bedtime prayer. We pray thanking God for all of our blessings, for the friends and family we have surrounding us and loving on us, and we pray a special prayer each night together for her hip; for complete healing, for it to be healed with or without surgery, for no pain and for a quick recovery. (I am not going to lie and say we don’t ask for a miracle healing in Jesus name in our prayers, too, and especially as we got closer to the date of her next appointment.)

We had her follow up orthopedic appointment in late September (September 24, Adeline’s 3-month birthday) to see the status of her hips, specifically the left side. Per her orthopedic doctor’s orders, we had given it 2-months to “wait and see” if the left hip would work it’s way back into the socket so that he could either put her back in the harness or put her in a hard brace (and know that it was holding it in the right position).

Leading up to what we knew would be one of the most important doctor’s visits we would have, my prayers got longer, stronger, more emotional. I knew at this visit if she had not showed signs of improvement on her left side we would have to face the reality of surgery. Every morning I would look obsessively at Adeline’s hips when changing her diaper: compare her leg rolls to see if they were even, if her legs were the same length, and if her knees were the same height when bent (all things the doctors check for in infants with hip dysplasia). I wanted so bad to not be able to feel her hip bone out of the socket. I wanted so bad for her to be okay and for this all to be over.

We went in for our visit on that Monday. We were so excited to see her doctor – he has the most calming presence about him, and Adeline just smiles when she sees him which makes her mommy so happy – but it didn’t take a long time for him to recognize the left hip was still dislocated and it wasn’t popping back in. Luckily, Adeline kept her smile on the entire visit, didn’t cry once (I think she liked all of the attention). I loved seeing how strong my little girl was laying on the doctor’s table. It gave me the strength I didn’t have on my own, especially when her doctor confirmed our worst fears and the “s” word came out of his mouth.

We were facing the decision at this point of not “if” but “when”. Adeline would need an operation under general anesthesia as a next step in her treatment process. Because it requires anesthesia, her doctor recommended trying a procedure called a closed reduction at/around 4 months. This is a less invasive surgery basically manipulating the hip back into the socket without an incision, but clipping a tendon if necessary to loosen. Unfortunately, with this operation it is not a guarantee it will correct the issue, and hard to know if it will work until she is under anesthesia. If he is not able to manipulate her hip with this operation, a more invasive procedure will take place when she is a little older (8 or 9 months), called an open reduction.

This was a lot of information to process. Thinking about my child facing surgery at any age is tough, but especially at 4 months; it is emotional, to put it lightly. But we had a decision to make – to try the closed or wait until she is older for the open procedure. There are a number of benefits to correct her hip at a younger age, “sooner the better,” as our doctor put it. If it is successful, Adeline’s developmental milestones won’t be as delayed, babies’ bodies are still growing and developing and that can be a good thing in the healing process, etc. etc.

After reflecting on our conversation with Adeline’s doctor during our visit and exchanging several emails with him too, praying for guidance and direction on how to move forward, we decided to schedule a closed reduction.

Adeline is scheduled for her surgery on November 16. As I (and my husband) prepare mentally, emotionally and physically for this day, I ask you to join us in praying a special prayer for protection over her, for wisdom for her doctor and guidance of his hands, and for complete healing for Adeline. We are still going to continue praying without ceasing for a miracle because we have full faith that God is capable of anything, but we know and are at peace with the fact that He has a plan, and if November 16 comes, and the surgery happens, He has it under control and His promises never fail us.

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