Sips for Hips Atlanta

When Adeline was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at birth I had no idea about the journey to healthy hips that we had ahead of us. When I heard this term DDH/hip dysplasia I started reading up on it immediately. I am the type of person that loves researching and finding everything I can, almost to fault, so I feel I have a better understanding of what is facing me or the whatever it is I am trying to tackle. This was no different and throughout my hunt for information about Adeline’s condition, I stumbled upon the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and reached out to get connected. What we have gone through up until this point has consumed my mind and I knew I needed to try and turn it into something positive. I entertained the idea of an event or fundraiser with Greg. I came up with all these ideas in my head about what it could be and turn into and how exciting to be able to help a cause we were now so close to. An idea turned into a reality within a few months and Sips for Hips Atlanta was born.

I had the best time pulling this event together and as the weeks passed, we garnered more and more support and sponsorships. It was inspiring and encouraging. The inaugural Sips for Hips Atlanta event took place on February 23rd at SweetWater Brewery in Atlanta. It was so much fun and Sips for Hips Atlanta raised over $25,000! As with any first time event, we learned a lot and figured out what worked and what needed more work, but I think overall it was well received and we succeeded in our goal to raise awareness. I look forward to making this an annual event. THANK YOU to everyone who supported us, donated, attended, and reached out. It is because of your support that it was a success!

With all the hype of the event and focus and attention on making it come together, it kind of took my mind off and eased my anxiety and worry about Adeline’s next operation. But, here we are, less than a week out of what will be her second surgery and much more invasive operation and I have to try and keep that positive energy going. It is hard to face this reality though, to know the surgery date is approaching, our little girl has no clue, and we will have some challenges in finding our new “normal” facing us. But, one thing is true, we have a fighter on our hands and Adeline will handle all of this like a champ. Children are amazing and bounce back so fast and she will be back to her happy self in no time at all.

More to come on our upcoming procedure in another post soon. Stay tuned!

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