Friday, Here We Come

This week has felt so slow, just crawling to Friday, but at the same time, I don’t know where the days have gone! Has anyone else ever felt that way? I have been building up this week so much in my head for the last several months since Adeline’s previous operation last November. Tomorrow morning we go in for her second surgery. Similar to the last operation, the end goal is to get her hip back in the right place! But this surgery will be much different.

We went in about two weeks ago for her pre-op appointment and an x-ray was taken of her hips. Before the upcoming procedure our doctor wanted to make sure her hips were still indeed dysplastic. As we expected her left hip is completely dislocated, basically floating pretty high up above the socket which is causing her left leg to be an inch or two shorter than the right leg, and the hip socket is very shallow (meaning there isn’t really a socket right now and the bone is pretty much flat as to not be able to hold the ball of her hip in place). However, the x-ray showed very positive news for her right hip – it is in perfect position and there is bone growth happening to form her socket as it would in any normal child! We were so pleased with the news about her right side and can now focus on getting the left one back into position and healthy.

With Adeline’s surgery tomorrow, she will be put under anesthesia and instead of just manipulating her hip back into place, our surgeon will be making an incision and cleaning out her hip socket with whatever has grown in it’s place. This could take around 4 hours. The reason the first operation did not work was because of this growth blocking the ball of the hip from going into the socket and staying stable. Her surgery tomorrow is what they called an open reduction (opening her up vs. a closed reduction like she had in November where she stays closed up and all they do is clip the tendon) and with this procedure the doctor will be able to place the hip back where it should go and cast her up. Adeline will be casted her entire left side and halfway down her right leg in order to hold the hip in place and promote the bone growth around the socket as is happening on her right side. With the last operation we were unsure if it would work and Adeline would be in a cast, but we can be sure this time around she will be rocking what they call a spica cast for at least 8 weeks.

We are hopeful and pray for a smooth operation and swift recovery. She will be in the spica cast for a minimum of 8 weeks and at that time we will go in for a cast change. Her doctor will perform an arthrogram on her hips and wiggle them like crazy to check the progress and stability. If necessary, she will be placed into another cast for 8 additional weeks then followed by a brace for 3 months after the cast removal. We have a long road ahead of us, but we are so thankful for the ability to be able to treat this for the long term. We are also thankful that as tough as it is on us as parents, she will have no recollection or memory of this except a tiny little scar that will serve as a reminder of our brave little girl’s journey to healthy hips.

We ask that you please keep us in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow and in the weeks following this. For the next two weeks Adeline is required to stay in a flat position laying down in an effort to keep her left hip in the correct position and not move. We will have to get creative on activities to keep our wiggle worm entertained, so send them our way if you have ideas!

I know we have said it many times, but we can’t thank you all enough for the support and thoughts. We feel so blessed with the best and we are ready to take on tomorrow!

Much Love,
Anna, Greg & Adeline

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