An Update: Our Brave Little Princess

Today marks day 3 of life in the spica cast and our second full day at home. What a whirlwind of a weekend! Thank you to everyone who has been thinking of us the last few days.

Friday was one of the absolute hardest days of our lives, but Adeline handled it like a champ and we couldn’t have felt more thankful for how smooth everything went. Our day started around 1:45 AM and I feel like it never ended. Adeline was not able to eat anything after 2 AM so I set the alarm to give her a bottle at 1:45 AM. She didn’t leave a drop…I was so thankful. The alarm went off again that morning at 4:30 AM and all three of us woke up for the day. Surprisingly, Adeline did well not eating and stayed in the happiest mood. We arrived to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite at about 5:50 AM that morning and between the car ride, the bright hospital lights, the bubbles the nurses entertained with and Adeline wondering what in the world was happening, she did so well.

They took her back right at 8 AM. The pass off was the toughest part, but we knew she was in good hands. The surgery lasted about 2.5 hours (thankfully it was shorter than we had expected) from the time they took her to the time they finished and she was transported to the recovery room. We were in countdown mode the entire time, couldn’t wait to see her, and around 11 AM as she was waking up from the anesthesia we received the call to come in.

We also received periodic calls from the operating room keeping us up to date during the operation and after the surgery we met with Adeline’s surgeon. We know God has had His hands in this no matter the outcome but the report following the surgery was a testament to God’s faithfulness. During the operation, Adeline’s surgeon performed an arthrogram on her right hip which confirmed what the x-ray had told us. Her right hip was perfectly positioned and needed no work (which also meant she wouldn’t need a full leg cast on her right side either). The news about her left hip was very positive too. Her doctor tried to perform a closed reduction on that side to see if there was a way to avoid opening her up, and although it didn’t work and he needed to perform the open reduction, the left hip had improved since November! It wasn’t as stable as it needed to be though, so they opened her up and cleaned out her socket and placed the left hip back in place. According to her previous x-rays it looked as if the left hip socket was very shallow, but in fact, during the operation they realized it was not as shallow as originally thought (another huge praise!) and her hip is relatively stable now.



Adeline was pretty in and out of it the remainder of Friday on medicines for pain and for muscle spasms. Up until yesterday, she had pretty frequent muscle spasms and seemed to be uncomfortable, but that is to be expected after a major operation and her new cast. Thankfully very minimal swelling though. It was extremely difficult seeing our baby go through this, but it is amazing how resilient children are. Over the weekend, and even more so today, she has been her playful, happy self and she is no doubt bouncing back. I will add, much to my surprise, we have all slept amazing the last two nights. I think it may have been the best sleep in her 8.5 months of life!

What’s next?
For the next two weeks we are going to be doing a lot of resting and napping, reading books and walks in the little red wagon to keep Adeline in a flat position.


In two weeks we will have a follow up appointment with her surgeon and at that time another x-ray will be done of her hips. We want to make sure everything stayed in place like it should and nothing moved. The two-week follow up appointment is, in my opinion, a big milestone if we get the report that things look good. We are hoping for positive results for her left hip so that we can continue treatment in the cast as is and not have to encounter more operations. It will be nice to be able to allow Adeline to finally start sitting up a little more too! Oh how I can’t wait for that day!

Again, we thank you for all the notes and calls. We have a very special little girl and we know God has big plans for her life.



  1. Fay says:

    Praise God for answered prayers! I’ve prayed for my sweet little niece to have little to no problems with this surgery. I thank God for his Grace!! I will continue to pray for her and both you and Greg. I know God is in this picture and he has a plan for your precious family. Always trust in Him to led you and your heart in the right directions.

    Love you all,
    Aunt Fay😘


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