Our First Week Home

1 week in the books! Might seem like a little milestone, but let me tell you, 1 week has been an accomplishment for us. Adeline has been amazing and considering the circumstances she is handling all this with such grace and most of the day she is smiling. Me on the other hand, lets just say, I am getting a lesson on patience every minute of every day. We are getting creative with our days, and since she has about a 5 minute attention span, things change rather quickly around our house. One minute we are throwing balloons in the air, the other we are blowing bubbles and shaking rattles to make music. We are reading lots and singing often. But the beautiful weather we have been having in Atlanta has been the best blessing. We have clocked likely around 15 miles this week in her wagon, with multiple walks a day to get out of the house and score some fresh air and sunshine. She perks up when it is time to go for a ride outside and the cool breeze helps air out her cast too because she does get pretty sweaty.

We have 1 more week of keeping her flat, so we plan to keep things as interesting as possible for her. Although we would normally avoid screen time, we have turned on “Clifford” (remember that show?!) a time or two and I won’t admit or deny the fact that Greg and I now have the theme song playing in our heads on repeat and we could likely sing it to you. Unfortunately (or fortunately in every other case but right now), Adeline isn’t big on the TV. She will watch about 1 minute and she is ready for something else. She loves to read so I have a feeling her little library will grow these next several weeks, which is ok in my book (pun intended)! And in another week when she can start sitting up again, things will begin to get a much easier.

Stay tuned for more adventures with Adeline as we tackle treatment on the road to healthy hips!

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