A 3-week Update

We’ve had a super positive week and tomorrow we will officially be 3 weeks into Adeline’s spica cast treatment. The time is moving along rather quickly, which as I have mentioned before is great for my countdown to Adeline’s healthy hips, but I am also trying to pause and enjoy these days as they happen because everyday is something new and she’s only this age once.


This past Monday we met with Adeline’s surgeon and had a follow-up x-ray since having her open reduction surgery on March 15. The results were great! He was very pleased with the positioning of her hip and it is in place in the socket as it should be. Now we wait on the socket to form and bone growth to happen in order for her left hip to become stable. At this point there was no bone growth (which isn’t abnormal), but over the next few weeks we hope that will happen. Depending upon how that growth happens, and how quickly it happens, will guide our next steps of treatment.

We go back to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in mid-May for her next visit (at 8 weeks). At that time she will be put under anesthesia, the cast will be removed, and the doctor will perform an arthrogram on her hip. Dye is injected into the joint to provide an image of the tissues in the joint to see how her hip (the ball and socket) is developing. We were told that it is very likely she will be placed into another cast at that visit for an additional 8 weeks before being placed into a brace. At this point, the cast for 8 more weeks is what we are mentally preparing for. Of course I would love for her to be cast-free at the 8 week mark, but we have come this far I sure don’t want to rush it, and her doctor knows best. If things are looking good and the cast comes off at our next visit in May, I would rather just be pleasantly surprised.

In the meantime as we await her next visit, we are making the most of this time and enjoying all the walks, tummy time, and spica table fun possible. Also, being able to hold Adeline again this week has made this the happiest week, and she agrees. She has had a permanent smile on her face since Monday bringing me so much joy.

Her personality is contagious and lights up the room. I still can’t believe I get to be her mommy. I am so thankful God chose me. (Although I always imagined her calling me “mama”, she hasn’t figured out the “m” yet and thinks I am her “yaya”. Her new thing is yelling for “yaya” repeatedly over the monitor at night after we put her down for bed. It makes us laugh.).

Until next time!

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