As I sit here and write this post, I can’t possibly believe we are halfway through with Adeline’s first cast! How has it already been 4-weeks? Our happy girl is not letting the cast slow her down. We spend our days outside, on her tummy spinning in circles, sitting on the back porch in her spica table, and she is constantly smiling day and night. She is growing so fast too (how do I almost have a 10 month old?!). The cast on her left side use to go down to her ankle, and you can see how her leg has grown because her ankle is fully visible now. Time slow down!

We go in on May 8 for Adeline’s “cast change.” We were told it is very likely that she will be put into a second cast for an additional 8-weeks, but they won’t know until she is put under anesthesia and they can check her hip stability. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I wanted to hear that the progress was so good up until this point that she would be cast-free and would graduate to the brace. But, I am thankful for her doctor and his conservative approach because after coming this far I certainly wouldn’t want to rush things.

In the meantime, Adeline has warmed up to her carseat so we can go for drives to get out and about, grocery shop and run errands, which has been wonderful. We have had lots of visitors, which we just love, and we are celebrating that this journey has been much better than we thought.

We are gearing up for the weekend and hoping for some nice weather to get outside. Hope you have fun plans too!


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