Next Up: Cast Change

Sandy toes, the sound of the ocean waves, chasing wild bunnies and exploring Sea Island had us spoiled last week. It seems, by the day, Adeline gets more and more happy, and she was all smiles as we adventured to a new place. It is such a joy watching her grow up each day and to be able to experience life through the eyes of a child.

Now we are back to reality on this Monday and living in week 8 of the spica cast. Week 8 means we are ready for her next operation. On Wednesday, Adeline will have her “cast-change” procedure. As in the past, she will be put under anesthesia, which means no eating after midnight tomorrow, we will arrive to the hospital and they will take her back for about 1.5 hours to remove her current spica cast (thankfully…it needs to be thrown out!), insert die into her hip and check the stability and placement via an MRI (called an arthrogram). Likely from there they will bathe her (yay!) and place her into a new spica cast for an additional 8 weeks. If we receive a really positive report and the hip looks good, there is a slight chance she will graduate to the brace (called a rhino brace) instead of the cast, but we aren’t banking on that. I am holding on to a little hope, but do not want to be disappointed.

We are looking forward to this operation to be able to see the progress we have made up to this point. This is a big next step, and after this appointment we will have a better understanding of what is ahead in Adeline’s journey. She continues to amaze me, our brave little girl. She has been through so much up to this point, but we are thankful for a God who has this under control and is watching over her every step of the way.

We will share an update later this week!

Much love,

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