Here we go

It’s been a wonderful summer full of so many special memories and blessings for our family, but it has given me little time to write. My world has been so focused on Adeline and spending quality time with our family, that is wasn’t until last week when I received an email reminding me that my web address was renewed for another year, that it was almost a push to get me to write again. Obviously, I miss all of you and sharing our updates and travels with you, but the days pass so fast I can hardly find the time to even sit down. I am sure some of you can relate. Now, let’s dive in…

To all those following along and our praying friends and family, I have an update to share. I am at a loss as I write this, but I know prayer is a powerful thing and support from all of you means the world. Adeline has been out of her brace during the day time (except naps and nights) for the past four weeks. We had a follow-up appointment at the end of the month in hopes she would be brace-free entirely, but I felt like taking her in for a check-up yesterday to be sure things were looking ok. We had an x-ray performed yesterday and her hip doesn’t look right, something is going on. Unfortunately, it looks like it isn’t in the right position anymore. Looking at the x-ray was like a punch in the gut, like not on my radar, out of left field kind of news. The only real option we have at this point is to perform another arthrogram under anesthesia at the hospital and see what is going on. And it needs to happen soon.

I will keep this brief, but we basically need to mentally, physically, emotionally prepare for Adeline to come out of that in another body cast. This x-ray could be a total fluke, which I am praying for, but it could also mean something funky is going on and the hip needs to be adjusted again this time with a closed reduction and positioned in the right way and held in a cast for the next several months. There’s also the possibility of having another open operation that same day, but there are a lot of unknowns. She has amazing mobility and in her physical exam her hips are looking perfect – full range of motion, good angles, and her legs are the same length, etc. – but you can never be too sure and we don’t want to take any chances. In the meantime she will be back in the brace as much as possible.

This was heavy news to hear and breaks my heart. She has been army crawling all over our house SO FAST, finally figured out the normal crawling position and how to pull herself up, so this feels like my worst nightmare, but she is a fighter, likes to keep us on our toes and surprises us with everything she does.

In the next couple weeks if you think about it, please say a prayer for our little girl, that all this runs smoothly and that this is a false alarm. I cannot imagine going through all of this again, but we will do what we need to for Adeline to be ok. Thanks to each of you for loving us so!


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