Adeline Takes the Big Apple


New York City has always been a special place for both Greg and myself for a variety of reasons. Probably spending a summer together in the big city while we were practically babies dating in college (was that really 9 years ago?!), tops the list. But what’s not to like? All the food, shopping, museums, and culture are extraordinary it is no wonder people from all over the world come to visit.

We were so excited to take Adeline on her first trip to the Big Apple, and it didn’t disappoint. From the flight to New York to the cab ride into the city, Adeline was on her best behavior. Lucky for us, a flight to NYC from Atlanta is only about 1 hour and 45 minutes, so she had a bottle as we were taking off, and as we landed we made sure she was sucking on her pacifier to avoid any pressure she might have in her ears. During the flight she was a sleeping beauty, which, lately, doesn’t happen so we were thrilled (4 month sleep regression to blame!) and actually got to watch a movie on the plane.

Although NYC has no Taxi Commission rules around car seats and it is a State exemption (basically children under the age of seven are permitted to sit on an adult’s lap), we decided it safer to bring Adeline’s car seat with. NYC driving can be a crazy! This was our first trip taking her car seat along, and it wasn’t so bad at all. Adeline rode in her car seat in the stroller through the airport and we put the car seat base in the stroller basket. We purchased a car seat bag beforehand to protect it once we checked it at the gate. We attached the car seat to the base and zipped it up and put it in the bag – that simple! When we arrived at LaGuardia and hailed our cab, Greg installed the car seat base into the taxi in less than 2 minutes, put Adeline in and we were off.

We had a spectacular stay at The Ritz-Carlton Central Park. From the beautiful property and location to the friendly staff to the room service, there was absolutely nothing to knock. Plus, when we arrived to our room Adeline has a child’s bag full of goodies waiting for her. We were so impressed to find safety outlet covers, diaper cream, baby bath soaps, and even a rubber duck for her bath time! Adeline loved it and made herself right at home…


Many times in New York City it can be tough to find a hotel that doesn’t feel the size of a closet, plus adding a crib to the room can limit the space greatly, but that wasn’t the case. In fact, the room was spacious and quiet – two things you don’t usually find in the city that never sleeps. We also highly recommend this property when traveling with a baby. It is located across the street from Central Park, a few blocks from Columbus Circle, and around the corner from The Plaza – three places that are fun to see and easy to do and walk to with a child in a stroller.




We took Adeline on a walk through Central Park, stopped by the duck pond, and admired all the beauty. She loved hearing the birds, seeing dogs and horses, and soaking in the sunshine and fresh air. Our little diva did want to be held facing out the entire walk/time so she could see everything.



We also spent a fair amount of time at The Plaza. She loved all of the lights and fancy chandeliers in the hotel. Plus, there is a Food Hall in the basement of The Plaza Hotel that is perfect for eating with a baby. Similar to a Food Court, there are a variety of restaurants and food options available to grab a quick meal, coffee or dessert, and all the options are delicious. We have eaten there several times and tried out multiple of the restaurants. It was easy to push the stroller around and if Adeline got fussy no one even noticed since it was a pretty lively place.


We walked down Fifth Avenue and Adeline’s eyes got so big!


All the noises, people, and lights were fascinating to her baby brain. She loved the stroller ride looking out at all the sights. This trip, we didn’t venture to Times Square, or downtown, or Tribeca, etc. We stayed fairly close to where we were staying so we could walk. This trip we did not choose to take the subway or ride in a taxi, for a few different reasons, but one being, this was a pretty quick turnaround trip and we only had 1 full day in the city.

A few of our favorite NYC spots:

  • Le Pain Quotidien – We visit this café for breakfast, lunch and dinner, basically every chance we can get. It is a Belgian restaurant with the best tartines, pastries and coffee and tea. Nice place to relax and read a book if you have the time. (Can also be found in a few other cities around the country.)
  • Sarabeth’s – There is one right next to The Ritz-Carlton at Central Park South (we have also dined in the one in Tribeca and Park Avenue South). They serve all day, but breakfast/brunch may be the specialty, and for good reason. I should go back and try it out for lunch or dinner!
  • Viet Café – Great Vietnamese cuisine! We love the noodle bowls and soups. Unfortunately we didn’t make it here on this trip, but next time. We tried another Pho place this trip, but the serving size was not very big for the price, and for that reason I am not going to add it to this list.
  • Dean & Deluca – Who doesn’t like it? Didn’t get a chance to stop by my favorite location in SoHo, but grabbed a tea at the Columbus Circle (City Spire) location.


  • Auden Bistro & Bar– As I mentioned, we really enjoyed the room service at The Ritz-Carlton. One thing about traveling with a baby, you do spend a little more time in the hotel room and likely end up ordering room service at least once. Both of our meals were extremely tasteful, fresh and good portions. We would definitely order and dine here again!

That’s it for now, but we will be back. We ❤ NYC! Already planning our next New York adventure. Comment below if there are specific things you would like to see covered next. XO!


Exploring New England with an Infant




A few weeks back in September my family of three (still hard to believe!) took our first trip by plane to the northeast. Traveling is something Greg and I love to do and the day we found out that I was pregnant was the day we decided we wouldn’t stop, even with a baby. And that is just what we did. At 2.5 months, our daughter, Adeline, took her first flight from Atlanta to Boston and she couldn’t have been better. Flying with a newborn certainly has its challenges but aside from the extra luggage and a little pre-planning, our precious cargo was an angel and handled everything so well.

We did get the eye-rolls from plenty of passengers when boarding the plane. I am guessing they thought Adeline would be screaming the whole way, but that wasn’t the case. As long as there was a bottle in her mouth for takeoff and landing, she was fine. They say the sucking helps with any pressure in the ears they might experience, a pacifier probably works too.

We flew Delta. I am not sure about traveling with an infant on other airlines, but they were super accommodating and made the flight a little smoother than we even planned for.

When we landed we went straight for the hotel so Adeline could get a nap. In Boston, Uber and taxis require babies to be strapped in a car seat (plus, even if they didn’t we feel safer having her in one), so we arranged for car service with Boston Airport Express. We found them on Trip Advisor and had a very pleasant ride. They were friendly, prompt and easy to communicate with. We would highly recommend! We stayed at the Intercontinental Boston; our second time staying there, and had another great experience. The hotel is clean, accommodating, with friendly staff, and a baby bed and refrigerator (score!), and ideally located to get around town easily. It is a close walk to the waterfront and pier, a short walk to Boston Common and Boston Public Garden, not far from the Children’s Museum and the New England Aquarium and about two blocks to the South Station, which can simply take you anywhere.

Around the corner from the Intercontinental is Sorelle, a coffee shop we enjoyed a lot. Their breakfast sandwiches, bagels and drinks were great, we ended up going there every day. We are coffee lovers so, as such, when we were walking to Boston Commons and noticed George Howell Coffee Shop, we couldn’t help but going in. Also another great spot to check out!


Our recommended dinner spots during this trip:



A quick subway ride (about 6 spots from the Intercontinental Boston) and you are at Harvard University. We had a blast exploring Cambridge and Adeline enjoyed her stroller ride through campus. If you go prepared, you can rent bikes and there are lots of trails, but if not, everyone is on foot this time of year. Harvard played football the Saturday we went and it was fun to watch their band march through the streets.

Tatte Bakery and Café is a must! We have been a few different times. From sandwiches, to soups, to pastries and coffees, it never disappoints. If I was a student, I would be there everyday!

Mike’s Pastry Shop is a tradition. There’s one in Boston North End and they expanded and added one in Cambridge. It’s an Italian bakery known for their cannoli, it is a must see (and taste!).





We had not been to Maine and with Portland only about a 2 hour drive (2.5 hours with baby), we made a day trip of it to get some lobster and explore the town. It was a lot of fun, walkable and beautiful sites to see. There was markets open when we went, entertainment playing at the restaurants on the water, and a lot of other fun things for families or anyone who visits. We ate at Porthole, which we enjoyed – a typical on-the-water seafood restaurant with the best fish tacos and excellent, fresh, oysters. If you go and eat, make sure to get a table on the patio – that was the best part. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of other restaurants to stumble upon in this town, both casual and fancy, and lots of public parking.


A suggestion: We drove through Salem, MA on our way to Maine. Salem is about 45 minutes from Boston, easy highway drive, and a good place to stop and break up the trip. There is a lot of interesting sites and history in Salem. We couldn’t stay and explore as long as we would have liked, but check Trip Advisor and there are lots of sites to see, mostly the witch trial history.

Travel tips we learned along the way and wanted to share:

By Plane

  • When traveling with an infant we were moved up the line when going through airport security. So that was a win.
  • Even though you have priority in security, it still takes a little longer since they have to check and test each bottle, so plan for that.
  • Make sure your icepacks are completely frozen. They may not let you get by if the icepack is melting.
  • We rode Adeline through the airport in the stroller and you check the stroller at the gate when boarding the plane.
  • Delta gives priority boarding to those traveling with babies – another win.
  • Under 2, you do not have to purchase a seat, instead “infant in arms”. However at check in, they do ask for the child’s name and information to provide them with a boarding pass as well.
  • Strollers, car seats, and other baby related items as such do not count as your carry-on items. You can still bring your own 2 carry-on items with Delta, which is so helpful.

By Car

  • We rented a car to drive up to Maine and all rental car companies rent out infant car seats (or any size car seat) for $10. Not a bad deal and we brought along wipes to clean it down before putting Adeline in.


Next trip, NYC! Stay tuned!