A Good Start

Where do I even begin? These past 3 months, scratch that, this past year, has been quite the roller coaster…a year unexpected, yet better than my wildest dreams. From the happiest times to the sad and all the moments where you can’t help but belly laugh to days I never thought would end – I have not really known how to even process it all, but putting pen to paper seems like a good start.

I admit, I am writing this post with a flurry of emotions, but excited to see where this takes me. I have followed a handful of bloggers for a couple years now and have some favorites – bloggers that crack me up on days I am down or speak truth when it needs to be said, from fashion to travel to cooking. There are plenty of pages to follow and people to admire, but I hope with this site to create a blog of my own by telling my story and taking you on a journey with my family, all inspired by my little girl.

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